Badabum Cha Cha

The Teenage Nightmare
The Time has come to blow your mind
Another world you gotta find
Follow your leader street corner king
Smash up bash up everything
Drive to Soho in stolen cars
Get thrown out of posh wine bars
Score some speed, all you need
The clockwork orange is what you read
A teenage nightmare for those who dare
The real life drama of living here
They breack your heart but not your soul
You steal a part of the starring role
The teenage nightmare is what you know
When to stop and how far to go
No such thing as love and peace
Ask the army the state police
It's a civil war this time for real
This is how we're made to feel
Victims of the laws of the land
On the terrace is where we stand
This is the story of life today
A musical anarchy in U.K.
The teenage nightmare of danger beware
An innocent man in the electric chair
The urban blitz of riot stories
Victims of your hope and glories
Born into by those who don't care
Your future dream our teenage nightmare
(Garry Johnson, 1982)

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