The Way of the Jaguar
 Is a tale of Quetzalcoatl, the Pale Prophet, and the Chilam Balam: as we explore the prophecies of the Toltec ~ Itza Mayas and the Azteca
         What is presented here is an overview into the Spiritual aspects and Prophecies of the Toltec ~ Itza Mayas, and later adopted by the Azteca. The information has been transcribed from the Sacred Books of the Chilam Balam, the Sacred Texts of the Jaguar Priests.  It is said by the Maya Spiritual Elders that these Jaguar Priests are the Priests of Quetzalcoatl, the Pale Prophet. The Chilam Balam are a holy order established directly by Quetzalcoatl himself. They possess a very ancient knowledge handed down from the Ancient Mystery Schools of the Brotherhood. This is the real historical story, the way things really occurred.

Foreword by Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men
   According to High Initiation, it is written that the wisdom of the cosmic light will return.  When the human race begins to slip into the darkness of ignorance, oblivion, and despair. It will be the wisdom of the seven brothers of our Father Sun, Hunab K'u that will shed the great light of wisdom in order to awaken the powers that have remained dormant in human beings due to an erroneous form of education.  In this New Age, the Mysteries Schools have the responsibility of reclaiming a confused mankind and leading it through the path of the multicolored light of cosmic education.
    Again the time of the Mayan cosmic education has come.  Thousands of years ago, the sacred teachings from the cosmos were deposited in many magnetic centers throughout the world: Chan Chan (Peru), Huete (Spain), Tulle (France), Hu-nan (China), Bethlehem (Israel), Tih (Egypt), Mississippi (United States), Humac (Brazil), Nagasaki (Japan), Mul (England), Maya (Russia, Naga (India), and Chukotz (Bering Strait). 
     The names of all these places are of Maya origin, some as long as 10,000 years ago Which confirms that, in different periods of times, the Maya were present in these sacred magnetic centers.
    For many moons and suns, mankind has been disoriented.  In these modern times, it is with sadness that we see how ordinary human beings are manipulated and consistently forced into the abyss of physical and spiritual destruction, or simply used as experiments by a few groups who control the majority of mankind.
    Hunab K'u, who can see and understand everything, knows that the time for the great change has come.  The word for us to return to the ancient temples has been received from the cosmos.  It is here and now that the great Spirit is beginning to call us back to the magnetic sites.  The incarnated Masters are beginning to raise their voices of knowledge in the ancient sites that the cosmic word to attain wisdom in a gradual manner has been received.
    Cosmic education will commence again at the crossing of abandoned roads. In forgotten lands the ancient temples will flourish again, the white roads of the High Initiation will be walked on again, roads leading south, north, west, and east.   Thousands of people will walk these roads under the celestial vault, heading for the point where the sun rises, awaiting the solar wind.  They will hear the solar wind whisper by night, speak with the trees, and move as the breeze through dwellings to purify the skeptics, giving movement to the cloud. 
    There is another wind blowing, the Solar Winds of Change, and, when the solar wind reaches those people it will gently touch their faces to let them know that it is time for the initiation that will come from the sea and from the sky.  That will be a propitious time to open Mysteries Schools all over the world.
    It is to you, Solar Brother or Sister, wherever on earth you may live, that a brother from the sacred land of the Maya is speaking. In order to inform you that the Mayan Spiritual teachers, who dwell in the sacred pyramids, have directed that we must unite to walk the path of the light of wisdom, learn again from the wind, the water, the trees, and the sun, and return to the wisdom of life-giving Mother Earth.  These spiritual Mayan teachers further request that we are to observe solar ethics to remain as children of the Great Father Sun so that through our children and the children of our children, we can exist eternally.
    It is important that you study the sacred earth, where body and spirit live in harmony, and , through meditation, rites, and sacred chants, ask Mother Earth the name of the original dwellers of the area where you now reside.  If for some reason, you do not obtain an answer, ask the stones, the trees, and the animals who those people were, and, when you have their name, announce to them with great respect that a school will be established in that area for the purpose of revealing the mysteries of the knowledge deposited by them in that sacred area.
    In order to ensure adequate communication for the worldwide initiation work to be done at the Mysteries Schools, we must understand the four apparent movements of the sun with respect to the northern hemisphere (two equinoxes and two solstices).   The key dates will be March 21, June 21, September 21, and December 21.
    The 13 annual moon cycles must also be taken into account.  Each cycle consists of four phases: full moon, waning moon, new moon, and waxing moon.  We will refer to the aforementioned solar and lunar data in our communications worldwide.   It must be noted that our initiation year is to commence March 21, the first day of the yearly count.  After this date, when the first full moon is visible (some time between March 22 and April20) we will start counting the lunar cycles, and after thirteen full moons, the lunar and solar cycles will be completed.
    On that first day, March 21. a perfect balance of energy will be present all over planet earth.  Working positively with this sacred energy, we can send it, together with our message, to any corner of the world and correct erroneous political systems as well as personal religious beliefs.  This energy, which will also emanate from the water, the trees, and the caves, can help us develop our seven cosmic powers considerably, to attain great spiritual power.  Only in this manner can we become true cosmic beings.
    The solar energy of March 21 and the energy of the first full moon following this date can give us sufficient cosmic vitality to do spiritual and physical work day and night.  This sacred cosmic energy can be used to correct the faults in modern society.  For example, during the waning moon, we can weaken the ill purposes of this disoriented society.  During the new moon, we can bury all negative aspects, both social and personal.  We must be ready for the waxing moon.  During this phase, we can plant the seed of good in all living beings all over Mother Earth.  In this manner, we can use the natural powers of the sun and the moon to produce positive changes in the multicolored Age of Aquarius.
    The Great Spirit will also tell us how we can better understand Mother Earth to receive her teachings, which we will use in the Schools of Mysteries, as such teachings will come from the clouds, the wind, the birds, the butterflies, and the flowers.  In this manner, this natural wisdom, together with the essence of sacred mathematics, will be conveyed to the sacred human race.
In Lakesh   Hunbatz Men


Quetzalcoatl is a name that derives its origins from Nahuatl, an Elder language of the Mesoamericans.  No one is certain how old Nahuatl is, or where it originated from, although the belief is that a people from the North came into what is today central Mexico.  The roots of the Nahuatl language have been traced back to at least those who developed Teotihuacán, the mysterious City of the Gods.   Today, when we hear the name Quetzalcoatl it has been colloquialized into meaning the “feathered serpent”,  the Pale Bearded god-man, who was an ancient deity and legendary ruler of the TOLTECS in Mexico (c. 800-1200ACE).
 According to the Azteca, who adopted the ktzal religion from the Tolteca, Quetzalcoatl was said to be a tall, fair-skinned, fair-haired, bearded god, who came to their lands from some mysterious place to the East.
          However, what we know today, because of recent archaeological explorations, is that this being may in fact actually traveled down from the North, where the Pale Prophet as ‘ oral Tradition” tells us he made his initial arrival to the Americas. (See ‘He walked the Americas’
The North also happens to be the place of origin of *Azatlan, the birthplace of the Azteca.  The earlier people from whom the Azteca descended, it is now understood from recent discoveries of mummies, found from as far north as BC, Canada to as far south as Bolivia, were also tall.  Some standing greater then 12 feet in height, they were bearded, and red haired, very much like Quetzalcoatl himself. (There are some images on the Stargate files.com  web site of these mummies.)

Overview of Aztlan
    Aztlan is the mythical place of origin of the Aztec peoples. In their language (Nahuatl), the roots of Aztlan are in the two words: “ aztatl- tlan(tli)”  meaning "heron" and/or  "place of," respectively. 'Tlantli' proper means tooth, and as a characteristic of a good tooth is that it is firmly rooted in place, and does not move, the prefix of this utterance, most commonly is used, in the Nahuatl language, to denote settlements, or names of specific places of importance.
    Examples:  Mazatlan (place of deer), Papalotlan (place of butterflies) or Tepoztlan (place of metal). The Nahuatl language is often said to include three levels of meaning for its words or expressions: literal, syncretic and connotative. The connotative meaning of Aztlan, due to the plumage of herons, is "Place of Whiteness."   The mythical descriptions of Aztlan would have it to be an island, some where to the North.
    In their myths of origin, the Aztecas say originally they emerged into this ‘fourth world’ from the bowels of the earth through seven caves (Chicomostoc) and settled in Aztlan, from which, under the directions of  “the Holy ones”, they subsequently undertook a great migration southward in search of a sign that would indicate they should settle once more.  They wandered for many years, eventually integrating into the societies they encountered along the way, adopting and integrating the knowledge of each into their own culture.  

     This myth roughly coincides with the historical description of the Aztecas as being a barbarous horde who migrated from present-day northwestern Mexico into the central plateau sometime toward the end of the first millennium A.C.E., when high civilizations of greater antiquity were already long established in the region.
   It is known from the Sacred Texts of the Maya, Inca, and Azteca, that when they arrived in the lands of the Toltec, the Aztecas lived in a specific area or "barrio" in the Toltec city of Tollan. There the cultural influence of the Toltecs upon the barbarous Aztecas was substantial to say the least, as they developed into a high civilization of their own in less then one hundred years, conquering the Tolteca, who hosted the wandering people of the desert.  The Legend of Aztlan, is covered in some detail in my new book, Following Ancient Footsteps.   

     Presently, we can only speculate on the actual physical location of Aztlan, it is often appropriated as the portion of Mexico taken over by the United States after the Mexican-American War of 1846, reaching northward along the pacific coast to Northern California.

Tapestry of Language: the forensics of the traceable phonic connections between peoples.
     The groups of people who have become recognizable as being descendent from the various Nahuatl-speaking peoples of central Mexico passed through the region of the Great South West, although lost in the annals of time, was a migration of epoch proportions.  They were composed of many diverse groups or clans before the formation of the Azteca Empire, held together by their Spirituality. They universally held faith in the spiritual belief, although expressed individually in clan or tribal way, was based in commonality upon the ktzal religion: the worship of a Pale god-man, known as Quetzalcoatl, or the Pale Prophet.     
     After the invasion of the Spaniards and the destruction of the Azteca Empire, these tribes once again returned to being a composite of many diverse groups linked together as the Children of the Sun and Moon, and the ktzal religion. Although they had many spiritual deities, they believed in one supreme creator.
     What ties them all together in to one tapestry of genetic heredity is their language.  The existence of linguistically related groups of people is one of the keys to solving many riddles as to people’s commonality of origins. 
    The various clan or tribal groupings of peoples speaking the Nahuatl tongue are distributed throughout the Southern Pacific Intermountain regions, the Eastern Rockies and the southwest deserts, which include northern portions of Old Mexico. They are commonly identified as the Uto-Aztecan-Tanoan group, and include such peoples as the Paiute, Shoshoni, Hopi, Pima, Yaqui, Tepehuan, Rarámuri Tarahumara, Kiowas and Mayas.
    The enigma known as Quetzalcoatl, himself, as far as we can tell, originated within the Toltec ~ Itza Mayan culture, and later was adopted as well by the Azteca.   He was a complex individual having far-reaching interactive connections and intimate Spiritual interaction with many peoples as far north as the Canadas, and to the mysterious places to the far West (across the Pacific) where the legendary Viracocha, the children of the gods, departed to, and were never seen again.   He said his origins were from those across the Great Waters, in the lands of the rising Sun, and yet he entered this land of the Toltec traveling from the North.  

    Quetzalcoatl was a legendary divine ruler of Mexico, usually referred to as the ‘Plumed or Feathered Serpent’, the actual translation of his name meant not just a ‘feathered serpent’, but more correctly the ‘most precious serpent’.  Quetzalcoatl is not ‘ the’ feathered serpent, but, ’the one who emerges from the serpent as Venus rises from the morning horizon,’ inferring that Quetzalcoatl was an ascended being, who in his lifetime has achieved a level of immortality.

    In the 10th century, A.C.E. (After the Christian Era), the Toltecs transformed what had been a god of soil fertility, worshiped in Teotihuacán before the 9th century, into a deity associated with the morning and evening star, Venus. The Aztecs would later remake Quetzalcoatl into a symbol of death and resurrection and a patron of priests.  

    The opposing deity in the dualistic Toltec religion was Tezcatlipoca , who later became the god of the night sky.  According to legend, Tezcatlipoca was said to have driven Quetzalcoatl from his own capital of Tula, into exile. Quetzalcoatl, according to prophecy, promised that he would return after “ …Five full cycles of the Dawn Star.”   So it is no surprise that because of this prophecy, when the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés appeared on the shores of the Yucatan, in 1519, the Aztec king, Montezuma II, was easily convinced by his priests that Cortés might well be the returning Quetzalcoatl.  

Hernando Cortez ~ Conquestador

 In his journals, Hernando Cortez wrote that when he first came to Mexico he found a great civilization of Indians, the Aztecs. The Azteca, much like the Spaniards constantly waged war and took captives for bloody sacrifices. Cortez being a soldier himself, was impressed by the Azteca in that their way of life was extremely orderly, displayed social conveniences, and the standard of living for the Azteca Lords was nearly equal to the way of life in Spain.
    Only a few centuries before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Azteca had conquered the Toltec Maya and literally absorbed their culture. They did so down to every detail, from the ancient prophet-ruler of the Toltecs, Quetzalcoatl, much in the same way as the Spaniards themselves practiced a slaughter of the Indians in the name of Christ, whose Message was of love. So the Aztecs themselves had fallen away from the strikingly similar teachings of their deity named Quetzalcoatl.
Quetzalcoatl's message of love and wisdom is reflected in this translation of a Aztec story, where an Aztec noble gives advice to his sons about the wisdom of leadership:
    " Take great pains to make yourselves friends of God who is in all parts of you, and is invisible and impalpable, that you give Him all your heart and body, and look that you be not proud in your heart, nor yet despair, nor be cowardly of spirit.  However that you be humble in your heart and have hope in Creator.   Be at peace with all, shame yourselves before none and to none be disrespectful; respect all, esteem all, defy no one, for no reason should you publicly affront any person."

Toltec Prophecy of Return of Quetzalcoatl

    Again in most accounts of the early historical documents, Quetzalcoatl was described as a tall fair-skinned, fair- haired man, with a beard.  It was told that He wore long robes and whose teachings were built upon a message of love, forbidding the practice of blood sacrifice, teaching of the One Supreme God and giving the Toltecs many material things of their culture, such as the calendar, hygiene , the arts and the sciences, emphasizing upon the Cosmos, and genetics.  
    Quetzalcoatl left the Toltec’s because of the antagonism and persecution of opposing religious leaders, who desired to return to the warlike ways of their ancestors, and as well, the practices of blood sacrifice.  Quetzalcoatl was finally driven out of the Toltec lands, by force, and as the result of civil wars between the different factions.  However, he promised one day to return, from the land of the Rising Sun over the ocean, and the lands to where the younger brother, had been sent away long ago. 
    Quetzalcoatl, during his long reign as divine emperor, established not only a religion, but taught the people all manner of arts, sciences. It is said that under his rule, the empire of the Toltec stretched as far north as what is today the Ohio River valleys.  There still exist today the remnants of great roads and mounds that give the legends credence. Although for the most part, much has been buried, carried off as souvenirs, used as corner stones in contemporary buildings, or literally destroyed by the present industrial civilization and the full story may never be known.  
    Not all historians seem to agree upon when Quetzalcoatl actually lived or even if he ever lived in the flesh at all.  Though it can be said, and most tend to agree that he did actually exist, it is likely to be a matter more than often of cultural interpretation, Spiritual acceptance, and one's ability to move beyond a closed mind.   The Europeans saying “No, Quetzalcoatl is a myth” and the indigenous cultures saying “But, indeed he did live it is as we told you.”.  So can we ever solve it? Yes, after we can get the Baptist to accept that the Brahma will also go to the Kingdom of God.  "Big Religions and Little Minds" is an affliction from which humanity has long suffered. 

     Throughout various historical documents surviving the era of conquest, this Pale Prophet, Emperor-god, Quetzalcoatl, has been called St. Thomas or ‘Toum’ in the Elder language of the Itza Maya, the Nahuatl.   In the overlapping of languages, where most Mayan and Inca translations of their ancient text are in Spanish, or Latin, as well in the ancient texts, He is often referred to as being Jesus the Christ himself, or the Pale Prophet, the Lord of the Wind and Water.  
    As to exactly when Quetzalcoatl lived, there has been little academic agreement.  Some say he lived in the 12th century, others that he lived at the same time as Christ; the confusion arises from the date of the translations and whether it was translated into Latin by a priest, or by a Native into historical archives.  The Church in Rome is infamous for editing dates and reworking history.  Many of the indigenous archives of historical writings suggest the he ruled for nearly 800 years, which traditional historians cannot reason with at all.  However, it does come to mind if Quetzalcoatl was indeed, the Christ, the ascended one, he would have been beyond the laws of mortality. Essentially, He was an Ascended Master of the highest order.
    An historian, Dr. H.J.Spinden, states in his writings that historically Quetzalcoatl established the Toltec Era on August 6, 1168 A.C.E. and that many Mesoamerican year counts begin with that date.  A Toltec "era" is 52 years long, and calendar dates were based on cycles of 52 years.  Both the Toltec and Aztec years were of the same length as our years, according to our present calendar, while those of the Mayas, as is explained later, were shorter than our years by 5 days.
    In their book America's Ancient Civilizations,  A. Hyatt and Ruth Verrill tell us that most Mesoamerican myths agree in that Quetzalcoatl prophesized not only that he would return from the East but that before his return other bearded white men would come. That they would be war like and conquer the native people here utterly and completely.  

They would enforce by the exercise of extreme destruction and violence upon them a new religion. However, he also prophesized that when he returned all the ancient glory of the ancient days would return, and they would know a time of golden paradise in the glory of his father's kingdom..  KEEP IN MIND, this is not from the “ BIBLE,” it is from the books of the CHILAM BALAM.

    Various Writings say Quetzalcoatl spoke of a new religion coming in the 13th era.  (Christianity) “ I will return, after five full Cycles of the Dawn Star…  bringing a reign of peace, and the advent of a new spiritual order and the  true faith of our father in heaven will be restored ".  I do not think Quetzalcoatl would have used the terminology “ Heaven,” this is probably a mistranslation, although He often referred to his Father in the “Above world.”   
     Long before the Church, and the Papal Bulls, and the injustices of the Black Robes came to the Americas, it was quite well accepted in the indigenous culture of the Americas, 'the Amerindians,' if you will, that there was a higher order of life, not much different than this expression of life;  however, the vibrations were much higher and it was a world of pure thought, almost a paradise. That level of vibration was just beyond this one, or in simpler terms the next dimension. The term for this would have been “The Above World.” 
     For there was also a “Below World,” not meaning ”hell”, for in the indigenous understanding there is no hell, and this world is an Earthly Paradise, not a forbidden place of everlasting penance. There is a world literally beneath this world, where very real entities dwelt in sort of a parallel world of like dimension, a Hollow Earth if you will.  

      Quetzalcoatl said he would return as he had left, from the East, across the sea, but they would see him come from a great Star in the heavens, a star so bright that is would pale the Sun itself.   He would be bearded, white and wear long robes as he was to them now.   He said he would come in the cycular year of his birth, but the only date we are given is the year of his spiritual birth, which is the birth of the Toltec Era, or 1168 A.C.E, as described by H.J. Spinden,in his book Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America.  As foretold in the prophecies of the Chilam Balam, the return would occur in the 13th Toltec Era, but that it would not be earlier than what calculates to the year 1844.

Prophecy of the Return of Quetzalcoatl in the 13th Toltec Era

(thirteenth 52 year cycle)

0 Toltec Era.........
1168 ACE

1st Toltec Era........
1220 ACE

2nd Toltec Era.........
1272 ACE

3rd Toltec Era.........
1324 ACE

4th Toltec Era.........
1376 ACE

5th Toltec Era.........
1428 ACE

6th Toltec Era.........
1480 ACE

7th Toltec Era.........
1532 ACE

8th Toltec Era.........
1584 ACE

9th Toltec Era.........
1636 ACE

10th Toltec Era.........
1688 ACE

11th Toltec Era.........
1740 ACE

12th Toltec Era.........
1792 ACE

13th Toltec Era.........
1844 to 1896

     It should be noted here, that in the Americas, in 1889 Wavoca, the Pauite Prophet of the Ghost Dance, was said to have (In the original and true accounting) called the people from all nations of the Native Americans in North America to come together in order to cause a change in the paradigm. Further, Wavoca spoke of the Pale Prophet, The Great White Chief,  'Kanichiwa, Kanichita” who would appear at the ceremony.
     Some accountings even say that in fact he did, if we give credence to two of the Apostles of the Great Ghost Dance - Porcupine, of the Cheyenne and Sitting Bull of the Arapahoe Porcupine was the only Northern native to be picked for the counsel of 13, to go out and teach the knowledge of the Ghost Dance.  Sitting Bull, of the Arapahoe, not the Sioux, was his companion and traveled as his apprentice.  

`The First Century of the Christian Era was like the dawn when the first light reaches only the mountain top so that only a few see and recognize the Rays of Sunlight piercing the darkness as it begins its ascension above the horizon.  When we look further into the period of the 13th Katun  1844  -1896 we see that we cannot seem to find a great spiritual Being, a 'Prophet,' born unto this world. It is curious however, that 1844 was the year that Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Mormon Church was brutally assassinated in Carthage, Illinois. So a 'prophet' of great influence was at least we know alive near that time frame.

Future Days
 From the Chilam-Balam of the Toltec ~ Itza-Maya
    Authors Note* So as not to confuse matters, I do not agree with the dates that academic historians have laid upon the pages of history.  aI know only too  well from personal experience and first hand Archaeological knowledge, backed up by the results from forensics I have had done of many artifacts; that the Maya are far older than the archaic establishment of historians of the twentieth century allowed for us to know.  The dates presented here, in many aspects, reflect archaic concepts, but until now they have been commonly accepted as historical record and represent what most people have been presented with as historical reality. 
    It will take time to rearrange all the historical records to reflect proper time lines and expanded understandings arising from new research, and a growing consciousness   An example of what I mean is that some of the Pyramids in South America are over 10,000 years old.  Yet, it was only towards the end of the twentieth century that the religious dogmatists of many orthodox religious organizations had to give way to science and admit they could be correct. They had been teaching since the time of the Romans that the whole of humanity sprang forth from a primordial swamp only 5,000 years ago.  
    Official Government and Religious sanctioned Egyptologists still do not publicly embrace the fact that science has proven that the Sphinx is at least 15,000 years old, perhaps as old as 28,000 years. Their religion will not permit them to do so.
     However we do use the term A.C.E. ‘After the Christian Era,’ rather than the archaic reference of AD, So keep this in mind when you view the dates,.
    The Nahuatl were and are today the descendants of a people whose scope of the sciences, the arts and the cosmos confound the minds of modern scholars.  They employed methods of architecture and technology contemporary scientist and engineers can only speculate upon.  With all of our mechanized high tech equipment we can still not duplicate the precision of their pyramids, or even approach the calculations of the heavens with as much accuracy.
    The Books of the Chilam Balam are such wonders from the ancient Nahuatl people. Their teachings of wisdom and prophecies went thru the veils hundreds of years into the future and touched our contemporary world with uncanny accuracy. 
    The many copies and translations of the books of the Chilam Balam we have today were translated into either Latin by the Jesuit Priests, or later into Spanish by Mayas who desired to record their own annals of historical records and to keep their ktzal faith, their devotion to the teachings of the Pale Prophet, Quetzalcoatl. They see no separation between the man from Galilee and their Pale Prophet, and fervently see them as one and the same.

     Regarding the Prophecies of the Chilam Balam, we find that the Chilam Balam and the prophecies of the Toltec – Itza - Maya indicate that there may have been two, not just one, “Prophets,” during the 13th Toltec Era.  The Mayan people, so far as the translated records show, were the first civilized people of Central America to follow the Inca after the collapse of the Viracocha Empire (Inca-Peru).  The Mayas built great cities and we know there were two great flowerings of their civilization. The first, or Old Empire, appeared, around 200 to 850 A.C.E., the second or New Empire, from around 1000 to 1350 A.C.E.

     The stimulus for the civilization of the New Empire was largely due to the coming of a Nahuatl-speaking people from northern Mexico called the Itzas, who were either related to or in fact descended from the Toltecs and brought with them the new religion of Quetzalcoatl (translated into Itza - Mayan as Kukulkan).
    By the sixteenth century, when we see the rise to power of the Itza-Maya  it is obvious that they had fallen away from their  ktzal  religion to a considerable degree, which probably was the main cause of the breakup of their civilization at that time.   However, the Itza-Maya still recognized the "divine source" of their Itza religion, the Nahuatl and the ktzal. This, even though the old religion was not embraced by many of the newer social factors, which had fallen into decadence, and in many instances returned to the practices of the old blood sacrificial ways, which was strictly forbidden in the ktzal religion and the teachings of Quetzalcoatl.  

    This transversal of the spiritual path of the Maya can be seen in the change in their writings during this period, from what can referred to as their high initiate teachings being derived from either Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl.  Where earlier writings clearly show a distinct separation of the two entities, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl, later we see that the Itza- Maya, no longer could separate:  the two, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl had melded into one diety.
    The Mayan calendar had cycles of 260 years. Since their years were only 360 days long, one of their cycles is approximately equal to 256 of our years. They called a year a "tun" and 20 years made a "katun". A Katun was named after the last day in it, which would be a day "Ahau", preceded by a number. A particular katun, like "Katun 5 Ahau" would thus recur every 256 years.
    Somewhere around the year 1500 A.C.E. there appeared amongst the Itza-Maya a famous seer or prophet known by the name of Chilam Balam. This Chilam Balam foretold the coming of the white men and the return of the Younger Brothers, and even gave details of the diseases and utter devastation they would bring to the lands of the Maya.
     Chilam Balam even gave the dates of great disasters that actually came true according to his calculations on the Mayan calendar.   The translations of his books of prophecies, called the "Book of the Jaguar Priest ", are written by Spanish-educated Mayans into Latin script, but in the Mayan Language.   
    The oldest and apparently most authentic of these translations is called, The Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin, and it has the extraordinary prophecies we quote in this presentation.    It is quite evident that Chilam Balam was not only warning the Mayas of the dark days to come, where they would suffer under the rule of the conquerors, but also gave them hope that one day their ancient glory would come back when a new religion would come that would bring all the world into harmony. This would occur just before the return of Quetzalcoatl himself.
    In the Chilam Balam of Tizimin, we find Chilam Balam lamenting over the loss of the priests who kept the calendar, knowing this would throw the Maya backwards into a cycle of involution rather than evolution. The ‘Tonal’, or one could say, the ‘Soul of the People,’ would fall into darkness and chaos and the once proud Maya would go through a process of mass degeneration and despair, and perhaps even loose their faith completely.
     From a historical standpoint, the "count of the katuns" as written in the Books of the Chilam Balam, is a discovery of enormous consequence.  It discusses the leading events of the region's history in terms of the Maya's concept of cyclical time, or as we imagine it, the cyclical nature of human evolution itself.
        There were several books of Chilam Balam; each community had its own book of the Chilcam Balam.   Each community's Chilam Balam was written and maintained by its leader, usually a sage or priest, who wrote the name of the community in the Chilam for identification purposes.  Thus, we have the Chilam Balam of Chumayel. Other than that of Chumayel,  Mani, Tizimin, Kaua, Ixil, and Tusik no others seem to have survived the conquest intact; The other Books of the Chilam Balam  (I was told there were 13 in all) were destroyed by the Jesuits, under edict of the Papal Bulls (Evangelical laws of conversion to Catholic faith or suffer the consequence of death)  from ROME.
    "How can the generations of the sons of the Itza tell us the days of the prophecies and the days of the tun? How can we celebrate the rites of Lord 5 Ahau in the twelfth tun, when he comes in benign holiness _ in Katun 5 Ahau, in the twelfth tun?"

Prophesy and the Ebb & Flow of Time
     From the Mesoamerican perspective, this second coming of a great Spiritual Being, the descendent of the Great Solar Brotherhood, the Pale Prophet, was given great emphasis in the writings of Chilam Balam.
     From the time of the arrival of Cortez, the Katun 5 Ahau next arrived in 1594 according to the book, on September 30.  However, the book speaks of the Mayas still being in bondage to the conquerors well after 1594.  So the coming of a Great Prophet must be considered to occur at the next turn of the Katun Wheel, which would mean in another 256 years or late in in the 19th century in the year 1850.
    The twelfth Tun would appear in part of both 1862 and 1863, which would be the date of the coming of a Great Prophet "in benign holiness".  In this prophecy Chilam Balam gives us yet another sign by which the coming of ‘One’ or more who will unite the people, and their presence shall be known. The Chilam Balam says:
    "Would that he might return (to) the west, uniting with us in commiseration over our present unhappy plight! This is the fulfillment of the prophecies of Katun 5 Ahau: the pottery jars shall be shattered into dust, when Run 19 arrives!  At that time there will be imprisonment among the lords, when the prophecies begin to come true. There will be vigils in the overburdened katun.  So be it."

    It is very interesting that imprisonment is spoken of here.  For in the culture of the Maya there were no prisons.   We find however, that in fact many Christians were imprisoned for their Faith, especially during the first two centuries A.C.E.   The 19th tun of the 5th Katun began in December 1868.  It would thus seem evident that if we found a Prophet of consequence who proclaimed a world-uniting religion in 1862 or in 1863 and was imprisoned for this in 1868 or 1869, then this would be a proof that this prophecy literally came true.
    There was at least one such entity who was not realized until later.  In the middle of the last century, one of the most notorious dungeons in the Near East was Teheran's "Black Pit." Once the underground reservoir for a public bath, its only outlet was a single passage down three steep flights of stone steps. Here in 1852, there was a man who was a Persian nobleman, known today as Bahá'u'lláh.  During His imprisonment, as he sat with his feet in stocks and a 100-pound iron chain around his neck, Bahá'u'lláh received a vision for what he saw as being God's will for humanity.
    Bahá'u'lláh's experience in the Black Pit set in motion a process of religious revelation which, over the next 40 years, led to the production of thousands of books, tablets and letters--which today form the core of the sacred scripture of the Bahá'í Faith. Which regardless of ones personal affinities is today one of the world's leading religions.  So now we know the not one but two 'Prophets,' of consequence were alive around this time period, which tells us that very likely, the Prophecy of the Chilam Balam was correct.
    This prophecy would also concur in the approximate time with the Toltec prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl during the 13th Toltec Era. Yet again the implication is that there would be a coming of two great Prophets one right after the other!
     Again the book makes reference to, ‘two bearded ones’ coming from the East:
"One goes forth as ambassador. Another awakens Itzamna Kauil (God of the Heavens) in the west." 
  We must ask ourselves, knowing now what we do, could the other prophet have been Wavoca of the Paiute, the high priest of the Ghost Dance, and his ambassadors Porcupine of the Cheyenne and Sitting Bull of the Arapahoe?  Who were the apostles of the Great Ghost Dance, which again had its roots in the teachings of the Pale Prophet.  
 If you were of Native American heritage, and understood the impact of the Ghost Dance Religion to the Native People of that time, your answer would invariably be yes.
Also, on the same page, it says:  
    "The temple receives its guests, the bearded ones from the lands of the Sun (the east). They are bringers of a sign from our Father God: blessings in abundance!"
     So what the Chilam Balam is telling us here is that there will apparently be at least two important Lords of Light, who manifest themselves during this time, one as an ambassador, preparing the way, the other appearing as the one who gives the world-uniting Message. 

The Chilam Balam speaks further of the sign (s), of the blessings in abundance:
"Yes this sign is your assurance that they come from heaven. These sacramental objects of yours, O Itza, these holy things of yours, derive from Kukulkan.
“ Find your holiness in truth and penitence. Find holiness with the people of God . . (obliterated). . in the world of Hunab Ku, The One Supreme God. He comes to you from heaven in the drops of rain. It is good, what I say unto you assembled here,
 O Itza. Let the earth awaken when they tread upon it, and attend, in another katun later on.
“Sufficient unto themselves are my words, for I am Chilam Balam the Jaguar Priest. I repeat my words of divine truth” 

The Way of the Jaguar
    We now know that the Chilam were an ancient order of indigenous priests, shamans or seers, men of wisdom, and possessed high initiate Spiritual knowledge, who are said to have originated from the priesthood established by Quetzalcoatl himself. The term Balam means "jaguar" and is used in delineating a title of rank, or to bestow respect upon a worthy Priest of Knowledge. The prophecies of Chilam Balam (the Jaguar Priest) once again, date from about 1168 A.C.E.

“ When the Katun 13 Ahau is coming to an end [ie. 1844]...
The sign of the true God on high, there will come to us
The upright beam [the standard of God], it will manifest itself
To light the world.
The union ended, envy ended,
When the bearer of the future sign came to us,
The priest lord,
You shall see it from afar
Coming. The fame of the beam [standard] comes
To awaken us. From everywhere
It comes to us. To the power of Itzamna
Approaches our master, Itza.
Your brother is coming now.
Receive your bearded guests from the east,
Bearers of the standard of God.
Receive the word of God which
Comes to us on the day of resurrection
Which is feared by all in the world, Lord
You are the unique God who created us
Take advantage of the word of God
Whose sign you raise on high
Whose beam you raise upright
That you raise upright so that it may be seen
It changes the splinters that come out of it  
It changes them after the rainbow appears
Shown throughout the world,
It is the sign of the true God of heaven.
That is the one you shall worship, Itzas
You are going to worship its ensigns on high
You are going to worship the true faith
You are going to worship the True God
Believe the word of the One God,
For his word came from heaven,
And it counsels you, Itzas.
It awakens the world, makes them believe.
Within another Katun
I wept for my words, I, Chilam Balam
When I explained the word of the True God
Lord forever over the earth.
    The prophecies of Chilam Balam also foretell that in the future time there will be the coming of the ‘twin’ bearded men from the east bearing aloft the "upright beam".  (The Cross)  This is the "word" of the "One God" come down "from heaven" which will "light the world" and "awaken" humanity on " … the day of God, that will come to the whole of the Earth and her peoples".  
    You are blessed for now you have much to ponder, and your thoughts will be upon the Christos

Here are some other Prophecies of the Chilam Balam

    AHAU- is a Mayan word meaning "The Sun".  Ahau-Kin or Ahau Kin ("lord of the sun face") was a Sun-god  and a Moon-god, he is at the center of the Mayan Calender stone, which is said to have been designed by Quetzalcotal the Pale Prophet.  Over the years many of the ancient artifacts I have found here in the Americas make reference to the Children of the Sun and Moon.   
    The Maya say Ahau-Kin had two manifestations.  At night, Ahau- Kin became a Jaguar-god and lord of the underworld. This bears striking similarity to the Egyptian mythology of Osirus and Anubis.

    Katun 11 _ Ahau is established at Ichcaanzihoo. 
     Yax-haal Chac is its face. The heavenly fan, the heavenly bouquet shall descend. The drum and rattle of
    Ah Bolon-yocte shall resound. At that time there shall be the green turkey; at that time there shall be Zulim Chan; at that time there shall be Chakanputun. They shall find their food among the trees; they shall find their food among the rocks, those who have lost their crops.
     In Katun 11 Ahau. The katun is established at Uuc-yab-nal in Katun 4 Ahau. At the mouth of the well, Uuc-yab-nal, it is established ... It shall dawn in the south.  ( a Polar shift ?)
    The face of is covered; his face is dead. There is mourning for water; there is mourning for bread.  His mat and his throne shall face the west.  Blood-vomit is the charge  (Volcanic Eruptions, and three days of darkness resulting?)

    At that time his loin-cloth and his mantle shall be white.  Unattainable shall be the bread of the katun. The quetzal shall come; the green bird shall come. The kax tree shall come; the bird shall come. The tapir shall come. The tribute shall be hidden at the mouth of the well.   

    The katun is established at Maylu, Zaci, Mayapan  in Katun 2 Ahau. The katun is on its own base. The rope shall descend; the poison of the serpent shall descend, pestilence three piles of skulls. The men are of little use. 
    Then the burden was bound on Buluc-chabtan.  a dry wind. The ramon is the bread of 2 Ahau. It shall be half famine and half abundance. This is the charge of Katun 2 Ahau.
    The Katun is established at Kinchil Coba,  Maya Cuzamil, in Katun 13 Ahau. Itzamna, Itzam-tzab, is his face during its reign. The ramon shall be eaten. Three years shall be locust years, ten generations . The fan shall be displayed; the bouquet shall be displayed, borne by Yaxaal Chac in the heavens. Unattainable is the bread of the katun 13 Ahau.

     The sun shall be eclipsed. Double is the charge of the katun: men without offspring, chiefs without successors.  For five days the sun shall be eclipsed, then it shall be seen  This is the charge of Katun 13 Ah ( again a reference to the three days of darkness?)


This comes from a translation rendered by a Mayan scribe into Latin and is Christianized, under the rule of the Jesuits; however, the accounting is there. 

    The judgment of God for the righteous: "Come unto me ye blessed of my Father, inherit the eternal glory prepared by my Father for you since the beginning of the world. You have kept my commandments; you have done penance when you sinned against me. Therefore come ye to heaven."  
    Then he turns his gaze upon the sinners with whom he is angered. "Depart from me ye accursed of my Father into the eternal fires of hell which is prepared for the dark one by my Father.
    You have despised me, your Father, me, your Redeemer. You have despised my commandments with the commandment of the Devil. Go ye therefore with him to eternal misery." Then the wicked men shall go to hell, but the good men shall go to Heaven with our Father, God, to eternal glory comparable to the glory of Jehoshaphat. There are three men, the true servants of God, well beloved of God. Elias, and Methuselah and Enoch are their names; they are living to this day. They are ordained by God to guard his seats.
    Our Lord God shall call a reckoning in a valley in the land, a great open savannah. There he shall sit upon his throne. The entire world shall assemble . The sheep shall be set apart; they shall be on his right hand. The goats shall be set apart; they shall be on his left hand. On his left shall be the wicked men; those who have not fulfilled all the commandments of God shall then go to the eternal misery of hell, sunk in the earth, oppressed by of our first parents.
    But the good men who have fulfilled the commandments of God shall be at the right hand of the great Lord God (Hunab ku). "Come, ye men blessed of my Father and take the kingdom prepared for you since the beginning of the world.  
    Then a great cloud shall gather black in the sky, down to the face of the earth. Like a trumpet is the joyful song of the Angels.  It is beautiful beyond comparison. The true God shall arise, the Lord of heaven and earth.



    These are the words composed to admonish the fatherless ones, the motherless ones.   These words are to be treasured as a precious jewel is treasured. They are concerning the coming introduction of Christianity, at Tancah Mayapan at Chichen Itzá in the time of the Zuyua people; the time of the Itzá. A new wisdom shall dawn upon the world universally, in the east, north, west and south. It shall come from the mouth of God the Father. Those who recorded it were the five priests, the holy priests who came into the presence of God. They recorded the charge of misfortune when the introduction of Christianity came.
Here are their names:
1. Chilam Balam, the great priest.
2. Napuctun, the great priest.
3. Nahau Pech, the great priest.
4. Ah Kuil Chel, the great priest.
5. Natzin Yabun Chan, the great priest.
    a servant of God who bends his back over virgin soil, they recorded the charge of misery in the presence of our Lord God: the introduction of Christianity occurs; blood-vomit, pestilence, drought, a year of locusts, 

    The smallpox will be the charge of misery, the importunity of the devil. There shall be a white circle in the sky. It shall burn on earth in Katun 3 (They had no pox in the Americas at the time the Chilam Balam was composed.)
    Ahau, in Katun 1 Ahau, the worst of three katuns. Just as it was written by the prophet Chilam Balam, it came from the mouth of the Lord of heaven and earth. Then the priests set it down in holy writ at the time of the great drought at Lahun Chable in Christianity.
     The day has dawned. So it is written in the command of the great priest, the prophet of Chilam Balam and in the chest of manuscripts.  

Keep in mind that the Chilam were not 'white,' they were the appointed order of Quetzalcoatl, and Native.

The Interpretations of the histories of Yucatan

The prophecy Napuctun
    It shall burn on earth; there shall be a circle in the sky. Kauil 5 shall be set up; he shall be set up in front in time to come. It shall burn on earth; the hoof shall burn in that katun, in the time  which is to come.  Fortunate is he who shall see it when the prophecy is declared, who shall weep over his misfortunes in time to come. 

The prophecy of Ah Kuil Chel 
    When the end of the katun shall come, lord, ye shall not understand when it comes. Who shall believe it at the rolling up of the mat of the katun? The end shall come because of misery. It comes from the north, it comes from the west at that time when it shall be, lord.
    Who then shall be the priest, who then the prophet who will declare truly the word of the book, lord, in 9 Ahau? Ye shall not understand, in every part of the world shall be cleansed of shame. Oh joy among the rulers, pleasure among the rulers of the land. Acknowledge it in your hearts, ye Itzá.

The prophecy of Nahau Pech 
    At that time when the sun shall stand high , lord, when the ruler has had compassion, in the fourth katun it shall come to pass, the tidings of God are truly brought. They ask perchance what I recommend, lord. You see your guests upon the road, oh Itzá! It is the fathers of the land who will arrive. comes from the mouth of Nahau Pech, the priest in the time of Katun 4 Ahau at the end of the katun, lord.
    The food of the ant<-like> men shall be destroyed. They shall be at the end of their food <-supply> because of the boboch   food, the great hawk food, the ant, the cowbird, the grackle, the blackbird, the mouse. 

The prophecy of Natzin Yabun Chan.  
    There was the word of the true God in the land. You shall await the coming forth, lord, of his priests who will bring it in time to come. Give your understanding to his word, to his admonition.   Fortunate are you who truly receive it. Forsake those things which you have held sacred, oh Itzá; forget your perishable gods, your transitory gods. Of all things he is the ruler, lord, the creator of all heaven and earth.
    It is to your hearts that I speak, oh Maya Itzá. You shall not desire another God the true God according to your words. You shall take to heart the word of my admonition.

The prophecy of Chilam Balam, the singer, of Cabal-chen,  Mani.
    On 13 Ahau the katun will end in the time of the Itzá, in the time of Tancah , lord. There is the sign of Hunab-ku on high. The raised wooden standard shall come.  It shall be displayed to the world, that the world may be enlightened, lord.
    There has been a beginning of strife, there has been a beginning of rivalry, when the priestly man shall come to bring the sign in time to come, lord. A quarter of a league, a league he comes. You see the mut bird surmounting the raised wooden standard. A new day shall dawn in the north, in the west.
     Itzamná Kauil shall rise.  Our lord comes, Itzá.  Our elder brother comes, men of Tantun.  Receive your guests, the bearded men, the men of the east, and the bearers of the sign of God, lord. Good indeed is the word of God that comes to us.
     The day of our regeneration comes. You do not fear the world; Lord, you are the only God who created us.   It is sufficient, then, that the word of God is good, lord. the guardian of our souls. He who receives him, who has truly believed, he will go to heaven with him. Nevertheless the beginning were the two-day men.
    Let us exalt his sign on high, let us exalt it   with the raised standard.   Great is the discord that arises today.  The First Tree of the World is restored; it is displayed to the world. This is the sign of Hunab-k'u on high. Worship it, Itzá.  You shall worship today his sign on high. You shall worship it furthermore with true good will, and you shall worship the true God today, lord.
    You shall be converted to the word of Hunab-k'u, (Lord,God the Father); it came from heaven. Oh it is he who speaks to you!  Be admonished indeed, Itzá. They will correct their ways who receive him in their hearts in another katun, lord.
    Believe in my word itself, I am Chilam Balam, and I have interpreted the entire message of the true God the world; it is heard in every part of the world, lord, the word of God, the Lord of heaven and earth. Very good indeed is his word in heaven, lord.
    He is ruler over us; he is the true God over our souls.  But those to whom is brought, lord: thrice weighed down is their strength, the younger brothers native to the land.  Their hearts are submerged . Their hearts are dead in their carnal sins. They are frequent backsliders, the principal ones who spread ,  Nacxit Xuchit in the carnal sin of his companions, the two-day rulers.   crookedly on their thrones; crookedly in carnal sin.
    Two-day men they call them. For two days their seats, their cups, their hats. They are the unrestrained lewd ones of the day, the unrestrained lewd ones of the night, the rogues of the world. They twist their necks, they wink their eyes, they slaver at the mouth, at the rulers of the land, lord. Behold, when they come, there is no truth in the words of the foreigners to the land. They tell very solemn and mysterious things, the sons of the men of Seven-deserted-buildings, the offspring of the women of Seven-deserted-buildings, lord.  

    Who will be the prophet, who will be the priest who shall interpret truly the word of Our Sacred  book?


For further reference and self study:




    We also suggest the books of Elder Hunbatz men  We have been told that Hunbatz seems to change his contact address often,  This may be due to the Spiritual conflicts Hunbatz and the Maya are involved with in Mexico.  Here is his Physical address.


P.O. BOX 7,014; MERIDA, YUC, MEX,   
PH: (99) 825562,    FAX: (99) 825824


A fairly reliable Web location


You may also wish to share the writings about the Prophecies of the Maya at www.NativeAmericanProphecy.com from our Cherokee Brother Blueotter, who authored the e-Books  The Prophecykeepers Trilogy.

Blueotter interviewed Hunbatz Men on his radio show at    
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